Aussie Pack n Ship Palletising Software Review – Jalco Group

Reasons for getting the software:

We were dependant on our supplier to provide us palletising information. The process sometimes took weeks to be issued and in some case it took longer especially if there were amendments.

We wanted to generate our own palletising information so it could be reviewed internally and assessed by our technical team before it was sent out to our customers.

Jalco Group needed reliable and inexpensive palletising software and we found it in Aussie Pack n Ship. It saved us money and the program could be downloaded via the Internet ready for use the very next day. It easily enabled us to calculate and generate our own pallet configuration efficiently. Results could then be issued to our customers in a timely manner.

The Team & Software

Aussie Pack n Ship team is easily contactable for support and assistance. Their office is here in Sydney and they respond to your queries at the earliest convenience. The software developers overseas are also contactable via Skype and email for any software queries and often respond immediately. The support personnel that we dealt with were friendly, professional and very experienced in the packaging industry.

The software is easy to use and understand, and the team at Aussie Pack n Ship offer technical support and training to equip you with the right tools so you can become proficient with the software. Considering its price, the software has proved to be of excellent value. We at Jalco have purchased 6 licences already and it is helping us deliver that extra support for our valued customers. I highly recommend for any manufacturing companies looking for reliable and inexpensive palletising software.

Redell Macabenta

Packaging Design Specialist

Jalco Group Pty Ltd

“Having a well-tuned logistics packaging system like Aussie ‘N’ Ship with the latest software has saved us thousands of dollars in international freight, storage, warehousing and distribution. Having a solid primary packaging, container optimization and pallet optimization software is vital for any organisation that needs to calculate primary packaging carton dimensions, build container capacity’s, palletize cargo and distribute a lot of product and keep track of tons of data. As our organisation distributes significant volumes daily therefore the Aussie ‘N’ Ship software is necessary in order to keep business moving as fast as the modern world demands it must move”

Bert Origlia

MaCher (Aust) Pty Ltd

28 Richards Avenue, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Once the you get to grips with functionality of the software, this is great. I purchased this product as part of our pallet optimisation project and using this system we have saved 300 pallet spaces p/a and this has equated to a $150k NZD saving. I would recommend this product.


Gavin Kempthorne

Quality Assurance Manager

Shore Mariner Ltd NZ

“Aussie Pack n Ship is an amazing program that has saved the company time and money. We used to wait days for outsourced printers to outsource other services to do this. Now it just takes 5 minutes to calculate the best carton size or pallet configuration, just enter a few numbers, tweak a few variables and you are done! It even gives you multiple options to pick from to best fit your needs.  I found it very easy to learn and quick to use. Ron and Mary were amazing and came to see us just to go through the program with us step by step, answering all my questions along the way. A must buy!!”


Design Team

Hakka Pty Ltd

18 Millennium Court Silverwater NSW 2128 Australia