Calculate Australian and any international pallet loads

Use standard off the shelf boxes (cases)

Fill any shipping container

Use different platforms

Optimise boxes, cartons and trays

Re-arrange boxes & mix layers

Export to multiple file formats


For pallet optimisation, or effective pallet loading, this is an exceptionally capable and cost-effective software system designed for multi-purpose users, ranging from simplistic pallet pattern arrangements through to determination of optimum pallet utilization, incorporating box performance.

The program is designed at the optimisation end to provide a packaging user, sales rep, box designer or packaging technologist to be able to establish best fit optimisation, within packing, storage and transport parameters. The user needs basic skills/understanding of boxes, board grades and flutes, which is assessed during the introduction presentation or during the initial free training.

For packers and other users seeking to achieve best pallet deck and height utilization, the user only needs to apply the appropriate flute. Board grade is not of great significance at this level (and most users, other than boxmaker personnel don’t have sufficient information to be able to provide useful board grade specs).

The program does not contain the BSF data for each board grade as this would limit the program to very specific users. Boxmakers have set up their board grade designations within their businesses to ensure privacy of their board specifications, for proprietary reasons.

To ensure the flexibility required for the diversity of users, the program provides the user with a basic weight carrying designation for the critical boxes in the load, then allows the user to somewhat predict the required weight carrying requirements of the critical boxes, if they feel competent to do so, by applying a safety factor based on known or theoretical supply chain requirements.

For users other than boxmakers, during the initial training provided by Aussie Pack ‘n’ Ship (after the purchaser has loaded the program and “played” with it for an agreed period), a table of theoretical safety factors is developed for the business, based on the businesses own supply chain requirements.

Those safety factors commonly used within the box industry by optimisation technologists, are the basis of this table.

Above all, for users other than box industry techs, we strongly recommend to users that they establish the weight carrying requirements for their bottom/corner boxes using the Top to Bottom Compression facility, then provide that information to their supplier, for the supplier to ensure that an adequate board grade is specified.

From a boxmaker’s perspective, if all sales reps and designers had the ability to use programs such as this, there would be a lot less guess work employed when determining board grades for new jobs.